The Teaching Methodology implemented in Genius Academy is excellent. Syllabus is completed on time with proper academic planning and all the topics of IIT JEE Main / NEET & Board syllabus are covered. Test Series, Study Hours, Self Study & Revision classes gives additional advantage to the students in Genius Academy.

With our specially designed Academic Pattern, we manage both Board Level & JEE-Main / NEET results simultaneously. CRQ (Class Room Questions) includes Board Level Questions followed by IIT -JEE Main / NEET questions. Study Material consist of Board/JEE Main / NEET level questions with answers which makes our student competent for all exams.

The Test Series conducted by Genius Academy is excellent and unique. It is the best for both Board level as well as the IIT JEE-Main / NEET. The test series covers all the topics in a planned way, to achieve excellent results in Board, JEE Main/NEET. We conduct minimum 2 tests weekly.

Students can clear their doubts on daily basis after the completion of classes. Doubt clearing sessions are also conducted before every examination.

The Faculty of Genius Academy are very well experienced & focussed towards achieving the goal by providing planned, systematic & time bound coaching.

In Genius Academy all the topics are covered efficiently. With the help of modern technique.

Batch re-shuffling test creates healthy competitive environment among the students. By this, students are motivated to perform to their best ability so that they can get the best batch. This opportunity is provided to each student irrespective of their past performance.

The Study Materials & Test Papers provided by Genius Academy are prepared according to the syllabus & guidelines of various entrance exams. The study material is exhaustive enough to give the required competitive edge to the students. Our study material builds the concept of the students which are tested through our Test Papers. Test papers designed at Genius Academy are not only as per the latest pattern of the Entrance Exams but are also intended to keep the students on toes to get the best out of them.

The medium of instruction is generally English along with the use of Hindi & other language as & when required. In order to cater to the needs of the students from different academic background and to clear their concepts, both the languages are used. However, the study packages are available in English only.

Our "Two Year integrated Program" is designed according to the increasing level of competition in the engineering entrance exams. Now a days about 55% of the questions asked in these entrance examinations are from Class XI and rest 45% are from Class XII syllabus. So, preparing in the right earnest from class XI is a must for cracking these competitive exams.

All the results published by Genius Academy are original and the institute has a detailed record of these successful students. GA has never published or claimed any fake result ever and will never do so in future also. Many coaching institutes often give manipulated results. We never do so as we firmly believe that our teaching methodology, Commitment and Quality are the best.

Proper classroom attendance records of the students are maintained and monitored. Any student who is not attending the classes without prior information is called on Daily Basis by our counsellors. The institute is very strict in maintaining proper discipline. Regular absentees from the Class Tests are reprimanded. Careless attitude towards classroom and Test Series attendance can lead to the termination or cancellation of admission of the student by the centre authorities.

Yes, Genius Academy follows a stepwise process of Course completion. First of all Board level topics are covered before covering JEE-Main/NEET level. With the guidance of our experienced faculty you can easily achieve the desired percentage.

In Genius Academy after the completion of 12th class syllabus, 11th class the preparation on syllabus will be revised thoroughly.

The 11th class syllabus is completed 3 months prior to the College exams. Thereafter, Revision classes will also be conducted.

Yes, an exhaustive & well prepared printed Study Material for both board as well as JEE Main/NEET level will be provided to all the students.

Yes, for getting scholarship, students should register for the Genius Scholarship Test. Based on the performance in the Screening Test, scholarship in the form of fee deduction is offered.

Library facility is available for all the students of Genius Academy, 7 days a week. No extra fee is charged for this facility.