Foundation is a building block for all India level engineering exams.


Foundation is a building block for all India level engineering exams. aspirants in class 8, 9 and 10std. the foundation course helps aspirants become mentally and strategically strong when they start studying IIT-JEE concepts and topics, ideally from class 11 onwards. The objective of IIT JEE foundation course is to teach students basic concepts well, efficient time management habits, following a disciplined schedule, improving thinking skills, etc.

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ELIGIBILITY: 8th, 9th and 10th std
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Our Testimonials

  • Genius Academy is institution which focuses on clearing all the concepts to it’s core. Genius Academy doing Excellent coaching for both Board pattern and Entrance Exam, High quality study material, constant encouragement, well executed Test Programme, all subjects under one roof helped me to achieve this success!

    Arvind Soman2017-2019
  • The best part of our studies in Genius Academy is completion of syllabus on time and proper revision of all the topics, because of this my confidence level has increased tremendously.

    Anjali Sudhakaran2017-2019
  • Genius Academy is an institution which stand for the students so that they may achieve their educational goals. only things a students need to give in return is a liking and readiness to take some work upon their shoulders.

    Rohit Nair2017-2019